one little word 2014 • pages

Friday, April 25, 2014

it's been too long since i've shared pages from my one little word 6x8 mini album. truth is, it has been on the side burner for a while until this past week where i finally finished up some of the incomplete pages that were sitting around. i'm falling in love with the album again, and that's a good thing.

when i first thought about creating this one little word album, that last spread i shared was exactly what i imagined the album looking out. focusing on and documenting the things most important and essential to my life. 


* One Little Word is "a word to focus on, meditate on, and reflect upon as you go about your daily life",  created by Ali Edwards. You can see all of my one little word posts here.

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  1. love the way it looks! oh the words next to DJ's one year photo, I can only make out a bit, but it's so beautiful! Wish I could write like you!

    1. i wish i could say i wrote that, but i didn't. i can't remember where i read it, but it was amazing and oh so fitting.

  2. It all looks so amazing I love it all! And you may be behind, girl I am yet to start! I do use my word often though, made it into a stamp and what not, that counts right? Thank you for the inspiration!


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