hey, i have a real about page now!

Friday, May 16, 2014

i never really understood the importance of a good 'about' page until going through a beautiful mess blog life e-course. over the span of a few days i got to work and ended up with something i'm really happy with.

for my photo, i knew i wanted something fun rather than just a headshot (not that there is anything wrong with that), so on a particularly nice day i headed out into the backyard with my trusty tripod and camera remote and got to work.

just for fun, here are some of the blooper shots.

false start. psych!

if you look close, i look like i'm in pain.

cute, but i look like i'm missing my right leg.

well, that was fun.

happy friday!

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  1. Super love it, Rachel! I signed up for the same course (hence the post earlier in the week about shifting directions a bit!) and I went straight for the About Me page lesson. I've always struggled with creating "the perfect" about me -- is it too long? too short? too dry? too cheesy? -- but I'm starting to narrow down ideas. The two photos you chose are so perfect!!

    1. wasn't the course great! i really did learn some great stuff. i skipped over a lot of the affiliate and monetization stuff because that doesn't apply to me right now, but the rest was great.

  2. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I, too, used to make up dance routines to Spice Girls songs. #notembarrasedatall #mediumhairdontcare

  3. I love those pics. My boyfriend has to make them all the time and he gets totally annoyed about it, ha :)
    Great about page. I bought the blog life e-course too because I'm thinking about starting a blog.
    Whoa, you started in 1999? Such a long time period. Have you had breaks or did you blog constantly?

    1. yep, 1999. ninth grade. i definitely had breaks, but they would have been no longer than a month here and there. i've had so many blogs - i'm trying to remember some of the names.... "afternoons and coffee spoons"! that was one! "entropy" was another, only because i was obsessed with that word haha. what else... before big city quiet this blog was called heraura, and it was that for quite a while.

  4. Haha these are so cute! No, YOU are so cute! :)


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