my office upgrade

Thursday, May 15, 2014

a couple weeks ago i wrote about some of the small, very inexpensive changes i was making to our house. i wanted to share another installment today, one that i am absolutely in love with. my office space.

for comparison sake, here's what it looked like before.

you're probably thinking: what's so wrong with it? and the answer would be nothing. but, with some brackets and an extra piece of butcher block we had on hand (which is what was used to make my desktop space larger), a little rearranging and a new actual office chair, my space now looks like this:

those poor cheap white shelves were straining under the weight of my printer, and i really wanted a space where all of my project life supplies would sit together. Also, i needed most of it out of DJ's reach. success!

because we had all of the supplies on hand (not counting purchasing the desk chair a month back), this upgrade cost us nothing but time an energy. now that's my favorite kind of home decor project!

what have you been doing lately to spruce up your living space?

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  1. I like the after! In my space I have begun the daunting task getting rid of stuff that I don't use and finding a home for the things I do! I need some motivation though as it is taking a bit longer than I expected!

    1. i say tackle one small thing each day, that way it isn't so daunting!

  2. !!! I love this, Rachel. And I'm super in love with the butcher block. It's so amazing how such small changes can add up to have a huge effect. I'm noticing that right now with "re-doing" our living room.

    This looks really great, and I'm so jealous you have room for a dedicated office and space to keep your PL supplies together and organized and out of DJ's fingers. I'm still working on a solution for's a never-ending process.

    1. omg kelsey. i HAD to move everything higher. i would find my packages of page protectors all over the main floor. how he never got into them and damaged any of them i will never know. i figured i wouldn't push my luck any longer!

  3. Looks awesome! Wood and white is my favorite combination.
    And I love those huge windows. Such great light.

  4. Wow your space is so SUPER clean and tidy, can you come and organise mine lol! I love your space, it's bright, white and a hint of wood!


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