things, the importance of which, cannot be overstated.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

the perfect shade of nail polish for summer.

offering everyone a drink when you get up to get one for yourself.

saying please and thank you.

random acts of kindness.

sincerity and compassion.

a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

a beautiful sunset.

getting out of your home town, beach bound.

freshly changed bed sheets.

surprise coffee delivered from a friend or loved one.

cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen.

holding doors open for the elderly.

a good book.

blue skies.

toothy grins.

*i have to credit meg for the idea and title behind this post. 
i had all these thoughts in my head, unsure of how they all fit together, 
and then i read her post, and a light bulb went off over my head. 
thank you meg, for the constant inspiration.

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  1. So true! It's the little things that make the most difference.

  2. Freshly changed bed sheets - I am so with you ;) Love this.

  3. Manners, sunsets, the beach, fresh sheets, A GOOD BOOK.


    1. manners. yes yes yes yes.
      i should have added: sand between your toes.

  4. I love this idea...totally copying it.. And also - ice cold beer, brand new notebooks, and organized day planners. Amazingness.


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