Week in the Life 2014 | Monday Words + Photos

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Number of photos taken today: 33

What a day! I had so much to do, and I'm happy to say that I was able to get the vast majority of it done, all while playing along in the #weekinthelife fun. Here's a little peek into my day:

Morning selfie.

  Diving into the laundry.

Californication on Netflix.

Work work work.

A call from mom.

An etsy order.

Happy mail.

A trip to Hobby Lobby for more yarn.

A quick dinner on my own.

Thoughts on today: I didn't take enough photos.


I would love for you to share a direct link to your Monday words and photos below!

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  1. Oh what a fun post! I might copy. I love the photo of you watching tv. Cute cute. :)

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to see your photos from the week!

  2. WOMAN!

    This is so great – it's making me sad I didn't play along, tooooo!

    I love, Love, LOVE that these photos are super Rachel-centric. I think that among parents it's significantly less common to find this type of "me-centric" participation in PL-y type things. I'm sure that you took some photos of your guys – and that you will continue to snap photos of them throughout this week – but I really LOVE that this captures so much YOU!

    Also: I just can't get behind the first or last photo (on principle, ha!) but the rest of these? Totally mirror my life. Love the relatable-ness of YOU!

    1. My boys would have been in it more but Dom worked all day and Dj is with his grandparents Monday/Tuesday. :)

  3. Your are very very good at taking interesting photos! Huge talent.


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