And then we decorated

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December is my favorite time of the year. Visiting with friends and family over seemingly endless cups of hot coffee (sometimes laced with Baileys, yum), giving gifts you know the other person is going to love, seeing the wonderment on your kids faces as they stare up at the Christmas tree.

It's my favorite, hands down. So naturally, fresh out of Thanksgiving mode this past Sunday, the hubby pulled out the boxes from the garage and we went to work.

Naturally, the best part is decorating the tree, which DJ was definitely interested in this year. Also: I'm so thankful that all our decorations are plastic! Toddler hands and tree decorating don't often equal success. Watching him decorate was absolutely the highlight of my day.

I just love coming downstairs every morning to see all of the decorations reminding me that it's the holiday season!

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  1. Oh man, you're brave to have put out gifts already...Madden would demolish them in a SECOND!

    Also, SO PRETTY! We put up our tree and strung lights on it buuuuuut when we broke out the ornaments I realized I have NO IDEA where I put all the little hooks when I cleaned up last year so we haven't been able to decorate the tree yet. Oops!

    1. I'm lucky in that DJ has no interest in the presents. Once in a while he will walk over and touch some of the ornaments, but that's about it. SO grateful for that!


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