My first attempt at a capsule wardrobe

Friday, January 02, 2015

I've been following this capsule wardrobe trend pretty closely for nearly a year, all the while knowing that it was something I wanted to try, but never making the jump. Well, I'm finally ready and willing! For the next three months, my wardrobe will be greatly simplified.

Now, I'm a total jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, and I like to be comfortable, so my winter capsule wardrobe is composed of a lot of simple, comfy items, a mix of both old and new.

TOPS: target vintage v neck tees, walk write wander wonder tee, madewell pocket tee, black and white striped thermal, you me oui! tee, knit sweater, hollister hoodie, grey sweater (recent hand me down - I'm in love!), plaid tunic last year from h&m, neon yellow nike hoodie, old navy buffalo plaid shirt, similar here.

TOPS: grey waterfall cardigan years back from suzy shier, black and white striped sweater last year from suzy shier, camel waterfall cardigan from target, Loft long black cardigan (similar here), Burberry plaid shirt (hand me down! similar here), hollister hoodie from last year.

BOTTOMS: AE black skinny jeans (a new purchase), lucky brand jeans, black tights... always!, nike activewear pants (hand me downs), old navy rockstar jeans, plaid skirt.

SHOES: mossimo riding boots from last year, similar here, black flats (well-loved as you can see), old + dirty emu boots, HA! smilar here, heeled boots found at Ross last year, new Nike runners, my newest addition to my wardrobe and everyday black pumps.

OUTERWEAR: mossimo parka (a new purchase for this winter), hollister vest from last year, similar here, danier leather jacket purchased many moons ago.

All in all, it comes to a total of 33 items.

Are you using a capsule wardrobe this winter? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. GIRL! I LOVE that you've managed to break away from your signature B&W a bit and infuse some really great pops of color into your closest this season. I think it's great that your winter wardrobe is BRIGHT – I think it will help boost your mood a bit on those damn winter days where all you want to do is be grumpy (I think I've been having that day for the last four in a row).

    Been thinking about doing my own capsule wardrobe, but that would mean including literally everything in my closet...and it still wouldn't come to the "standard" 37 pieces...just waiting for a "good" lighting day to take some photos...can't wait to see how this works for you, Rachel!

  2. I created a capsule wardrobe this fall and loved it. I'm currently 1 month into my winter capsule (it got cold here early in central Illinois) and I LOVE it. I'm blogging the complete wardrobe on Tuesday but you can see some of it here:
    My color palette is close to yours - I love that black and white thermal!

  3. yay for your capsule wardrobe! And I love the pops of colors as well. You have some great tees there.


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