Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"We suffer, often unknowingly, from wanting to be in two places at once, from wanting to experience more than one person can. This is a form of greed, of wanting everything. Feeling like we're missing something or that we're being left out, we want it all. But being human, we can't have it all. The tension of all this can lead to an insatiable search, where our passion for life is stirred, but never satisfied. When caught in this mindset, no amount of travel is enough, no amount of love is enough, no amount of success is enough... The truth is that one experience taken to heart will satisfy our hunger. "
- Mark Nepo (via megfee.com)

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  1. Oh wow..... that is... so true! I need to print this off and read it every single morning.

  2. A-freaking-men, girl.

    (PS: got yo' letter, hoping to write back this weekend...so many thoughts!)


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