Why I'm Using Beta Readers

Monday, July 20, 2015

Why I'm Using Beta Readers by Rachel Del of Big City Quiet Writes
I've had a couple people tell me that I'm moving too fast. On one hand, I can understand why they feel that way, but on the other, I can't help but think: you don't know how long I've been working towards this point. There has always been a rattling against my ribs urging me to write. It's been there so long that it's simply a part of me now.

The first draft of #FindingLilyNovel poured out of me in the span of a month. The end is so near I can taste it. But I need people to read it. Why?
  1. So that I can make the novella better. The more eyes I can get on this draft the better. Beta readers can find plot holes, tell you if they want to know more about a character (or less), tell you where they're confused and what they love.
  2. So that they can point out what I cannot see because it's too close to me. There are scenes that I'm in love with that may, in the end, be of zero use the moving the story forward. Beta readers will likely pick up on this.
  3. Because Ksenia Anske said to. And so did Jenny Bravo
I'm looking for my first round of beta readers now, so check out how to apply.
Edit: thank you to all who applied. Applications are now closed.

In the end all I want is a book that I can be proud of. Beta readers will help me to do that, and I assure you that they will help you too.

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  1. Sometimes it's easy for people outside looking in to judge but you, in your heart, know what you need. Way to go on your novel! i'm not applying as a reader because i have summer classes until the 4th BUT i totally would if i had time to give thoughtful notes. best of luck!!

  2. I agree with Amy. This is your journey to navigate however fast or slow you want to. As long as I have "known" you, you have identified as a wirter, and so this is where you want to be. You got this, girl! :)


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