Do you have a morning routine?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I've always been a morning person. BC (before child) I could basically make my mornings look however I wanted them to, but with a two year old running around, I have to be more deliberate with how I spend my time. These days my mornings usually look a little something like this: I set my alarm for 5am and lay in bed for a few minutes to brush off the sleep and wake up. I'll pad downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee or tea and then sit down to write until my son wakes up anytime between 6:15 and 6:45am.

In order to start my day off on the right foot, it's so important that I get a slow and quiet start to my mornings, because from the moment my son gets up until I go to bed at night I am go go go with mothering, work, meal preparations, cleaning, personal projects and time with my husband. I find that the days that my morning coffee and a read/writing are cut short, I'm less patient and just all around unfocused.

So that's my simple morning routine. What's yours like?

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  1. Weekend or weekday, my mornings are the same. Up early (3 am on weekdays, usually by 5 on weekends), and straight downstairs to work on my personal blog stuff AND business blog stuff. If it's a weekday morning, I grab a bowl of cereal at 4:50, finish it by 5:00 am, then get the kids up and ready. We're out of the door and in the car before 5:30 am. I drop them off at daycare and head to work. I'm at my desk in the city by 6:30 am.

    If it's a weekend, the kids are usually up on their own by 6 am, so I don't have much time to do anything before breakfast and early-morning bike riding take charge.

    1. Damn, 3am! What time do you usually go to bed!?

  2. First of all, you have gorgeous legs. ;)

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on needing that quiet, alone time before kids wake up. I'm a morning person, so it usually isn't too hard for me to set my alarm a bit earlier, but lately we have been having lots of sleeping issues with the kids so I haven't been able to roll myself out of bed in time. I notice such a big difference!

    Also, Kelsey: wow! I thought I was an early riser! I wonder what time you go to sleep. :)

  3. I had a comment all written out, and then it got deleted *sigh* Let me start over:

    It's kind of scary how similar our mornings are! I have an alarm set for 4 50 a.m., which lets me snooze a few times before getting out of bed around 5. By 5 15, I have coffee and I'm at my laptop, and I get as much written as I can before my second alarm rings at 6 or 6 30 (depending on the day: my work and class schedule changes throughout the week). Then it's breakfast, makeup, real clothes, and out the door - hopefully on time!

    I love that you mentioned how important it is to start out the day right (and quiet!). I don't have kids of my own, but I'm a full-time college student and part-time worker (and that doesn't even include homework), so I definitely know at least a different kind of go-go-go lifestyle. Plus, if I don't get writing done in the morning, I have absolutely no time the rest of the day, which means if I don't get anything done, I definitely feel guilty as the day progresses.

    Wonderful post, Rachel! I absolutely adore getting a peek into other writers' schedules!

  4. 5am?! i'm so impressed. i'm trying to push my wake-up back earlier and earlier but it's hard to get to bed early enough for me.

    i wake up at 6am and have an hour to get ready before both kids (2.5 years and 6.5 months) wake at 7am. usually it looks like this: shower, do hair and make-up, warm up bottle for my son (he's exclusively bottle fed with breastmilk which is not my choice but what we're cruising with until he's done breastfeeding. story for another time!), put away all the dishes in our drying rack, prep my daughter's breakfast (she eats 1/2 a banana, a bowl of cereal and then, once my husband makes his breakfast, another 2 scrambled eggs! it's so much food to me!) and pump breastmilk. then i make an espresso to drink while feeding my son. once he's done, she's up. i help her get dressed for the day (though she is almost there doing it solo now which is nice) and then we eat breakfast together. my final steps once the kids are up is to pack lunch, get dressed in my work clothes and get out the door. somehow that takes me a whole hour it seems like!

    my husband works from home with both kids so the morning when i'm there (just an hour for him) is super valuable to get a head start on the day so i try to be "parent in charge" of the kids while he works.

    our mornings are pretty frazzled so i'm trying every day to figure out how to make them calmer and smoother. prepping meals, deciding my work outfits for the week, laying kids clothes out the night before and reducing choices (she doesn't pick out clothes or food in the morning) helps, but i've got a long way to go.


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