Week in the Life 2015 | Tuesday Words + Photos

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Number of photos taken today: 22

And I made it through Monday unscathed! I actually already love seeing how my days are different from when I did this project last year. Mainly, I now work full-time and DJ spends 2 days with his grandparents and 3 day in daycare. And Dom now works a full-time job in addition to his real estate work. Basically, we're all a lot more busy than we were back in October/November.

Here's a little look at my Tuesday.

Starting off the day with some reading.

An early run to the post office.
Working lunch.

Worked on my novel, and then we went to a BBQ with some of Dom's work colleagues.

Thoughts on today: I really love this project. While I didn't take as many photos today as I did yesterday, I felt like I represented my day well.


I would love for you to share a direct link to your Tuesday words and photos below!

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  1. I'm so loving this project too and am already looking forward to next year (haha too soon?)! This is my first year attempting WITL so I have nothing to really look back and comparing it to but I can see how exciting it must be to look back at all the completed projects. Again, love your photos - especially the shower one! What a great shot.

    1. Thanks so much! This is only my second year so I have just the one other album to look back on, but I really do love looking at it to see what life looked like then.

  2. I added in my WITL post today how much I really love this project, too! Your photos are gorgeous. I especially loved the shower shot! GREAT one!! I look forward to seeing the rest of your week. ~Jennifer

  3. I love the shower photos. I think I did the same thing last year but I was too shy to share it. Thanks again for sharing. :)


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