Tuesday, December 27, 2016

As 2017 approaches I have been thinking about my fifth (!!!) year of documenting with Project Life. I begin every new year of PL with one simple desire: to complete it. Well, that and to please help me figure out how to keep my pages consistent throughout the year! Going into 2017, I'm not doing anything remarkably different from last year. I'm sticking with a single 9x12 page per week, using a Studio Calico 9x12 binder and clear dividers as usual. I like sticking to one album per year.

What I am switching up this year is my weekly date cards. Originally, I thought I might bring back the cards I used in 2014, but I've decided against it. Why? Because I have hundreds of cards from past kits that need to be used; I don't want to be wasteful.

I'm still printing at home, because it's just easier that way, even if it is a bit more expensive. I will continue to use minimal to no embellishments because after four full years of doing project life, I've learned that in order for it to work for me I need to keep it very simple.

Every December I say that next year I will include more from my husband's perspective, but as usual, I was bad about it in 2016 and will probably be bad about it in 2017. What I do want to try, though, is putting my camera in DJ's hands and seeing what he comes up with. Life from a three-almost-four-year-old's perspective. Should make for some interesting stuff.

Every year, consistency is my biggest problem. Keeping my pages looking in sync throughout the album is something I strive for but have not yet mastered. So for 2017 I'm going to pick out particular cards to use throughout the year, and stick to only those!

And that's pretty much it!

Tell me, what are you keeping the same or trying differently in your 2017 albums?

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  1. now that i count it, i think 2017 will be my 6th year! with the addition of a second child and a career move that has left me with far less free time and what feels like far less brain juice, this was my briefest and least creative year, but i'm okay with that. i use 12x12" Design A page protectors and my goal is two spreads per month though I will downgrade to a spread a month if needed, like i did with october through december of this year. my only goal (beyond completion) is less photos. when i'm busy i forget to save paper bits or jot down quotes so i want more of those in my album because while pictures say 1,000 words, it's truly those documented items that i otherwise forget year to year. for consistency, I use one 4x6" space for journaling each spread and each one has the same font and spacing all year. i also use project life brand cards instead of pulling from my paper stash 1) for consistency and 2) because i have so many! can't wait to see all you do next year.


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