3 things from the past week

Sunday, April 23, 2017

1. If you're already having a weird day, don't pour yourself a glass of wine or eat chips for dinner. Or pour yourself that second glass of wine. It's never a good idea. You'll feel worse in the morning, I promise you. I learned this the hard way.

2. It's really frustrating to me that one day, I can manage to get 2,300 words written amongst chaos (I'm talking the kid running around, at my in-laws, at the coffee shop when I forgot headphones), and then the next day, I struggle to get out a measly 341 words). If you don't already know this about me, I'm really hard on myself—so to be the kind of writer who still experiences these inconsistencies really gets me rattled.

3. I've been reading When You Find Out The World Is Against You and—while making me laugh and smile—it makes me think about Canada. It makes me miss Canada. It makes me smile and nod my head and yell out "YES!" (scaring my husband half to death) because here is someone who not only gets what it feels like to move to the US from Canada, but to articulate it so well also. I'm in awe of Kelly Oxford. And I kind of don't ever want this book to end.

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  1. Rachel, thank you for sharing that even to an experienced writer like you, sometimes writing 300 words a day seems like an impossible task. You have no idea how reassuring it is for me to read, now that I'm working on my thesis with which I will graduate university, and struggling to put some ideas into words. I tend to be quite harsh on myself, too — it helps to know that writing can sometimes be equally draining for others as well. We should all be gentler to ourselves with our creative process.

    1. I read a great quote lately that i'm going to share with you:

      "I've spent long periods when I've written every day, though it's nothing that i'm slavish about. In keeping with the theory that there are times to write and times to think and times to just live your life, I've gone for months without writing and never missed it." - Ann Patchett


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