Rachel Del is a Marketing graduate from Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada. After twenty-six years of living in Canada she met a boy, moved to Las Vegas, and let him put a ring on it. Rachel works full time as an Managing Editor of an online book publisher.

Rachel started writing in 1991 with her first journal ... and never stopped. She wrote her first novel in the 6th grade, something hopelessly sappy and laced with spelling mistakes.

When Rachel isn't working or writing, you can find her chasing after her four-year-old son, reading or sipping on black coffee. She is a total head in the clouds introvert and homebody who enjoys a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, road trips and singing in the shower.

She is the author of How To Be Someone Else, Losing Lily, Finding Lily, and Fixing Tanner. She is currently working on too many writing projects at once.